Isabella, Countess of Angoulême

c. 1186/1188 – 4 June 1246

House: Taillefer, Plantagenet, Lusignan

Titles: Queen consort of England, Countess of Angoulême, Countess consort of La Marche

Other details

Death: Died at about 58 or 60 years old, sought refuge in Fontevraud Abbey where she passed away, and was buried there.

Reign: 16 years and 56 days

Children: 14 (5 with King John, 9 with Hugh X)

Marriages: John, King of England (m. 1200; d. 1216) and Hugh X of Lusignan (m. 1220)

Parents: Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angoulême, and Alice of Courtenay


Compiled from various 3rd hand sources