Humphrey of Lancaster, Duke of Gloucester

3 October 1390 - 23 February 1447

House: Lancaster

Titles: Duke of Gloucester, Lord Protector of England, Chamberlain of England, Constable of Dover, Warden of the Cinque Ports, King's Lieutenant, Chief Justice of South Wales

Other details

Death: Died at age 56, likely of a stroke, while under arrest for treason. Buried at St Albans Abbey.

Children: 2 illegitimate: Arthur, Antigone

Marriages: Jacqueline of Hainaut (m. 1422, ann. 1428), Eleanor Cobham (m. 1428–1431, ann. c. 1441)

Parents: Father: Henry IV of England, Mother: Mary de Bohun


Compiled from various 3rd hand sources