Ermengarde de Beaumont

c. 1170 – 12 February 1233/1234

House: Beaumont, FitzRoy

Titles: Queen consort of Scotland

Other details

Death: Ermengarde de Beaumont died on 12 February 1233/1234, at the age of 62-64 and was buried at Balmerino Abbey, Fife.

Reign: 28 years

Children: Margaret (m. Hubert de Burgh), Isabella (m. Roger Bigod), Alexander II, Marjorie (m. Gilbert Marshal)

Marriages: William I of Scotland (m. 1186; d. 1214)

Parents: Father Richard I, Viscount de Beaumont-le-Vicomte, de Fresnay et de Ste-Suzanne, and mother Lucie de l'Aigle.


Compiled from various 3rd hand sources